Windpark im Meer Offshore Windkraftanlage

Ocean Design Solutions

Engineering IDS develops design solutions within the following markets: fish farming, oil, and gas, renewables, marine contracting, shipping, drilling, and infrastructures such as bridges and quay facilities.

Offshore oil and gas production operator climb up to gas processing platform to checking condition of gases condensate treatment and utility process.

Engineering Services

Engineering IDS carries out engineering services comprising development of own- and third-party designs, verification, and advisory services.

Marine Consultancy and Inspection Services

Engineering IDS provides marine consultancy and inspection services of all kinds of vessels, platforms, and for mission-critical equipment.

asset integrity management

Engineering IDS conducts services within structural and pipeline integrity management. 

rental of equipment

Engineering IDS rents out equipment. Currently, a modular lightweight gangway covering distances from 25 and up to 40 meters is available for offshore use.