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crane services

Engineering IDS has qualified engineers to carry out audits, provide acceptance certification, and conduct testing of critical equipment such as lifting appliances including cranes, diving spreads, and ROV spread.  The company can also design and upgrade existing offshore cranes, carry out risk assessment of crane and crane operations, crane advisory services, third-party verification, and criticality analyses of various types of operations.    

operator recording operation of oil and gas process at oil and rig plant, offshore oil and gas industry, offshore oil and rig in the sea, operator monitor production process, routine daily record.

inspection services

Engineering IDS offers full inspection services ranging from full condition monitoring and control including approval and certification,  inspections of structures, welds material, and coating by different types of equipment such as laser scanning, NDT, MPI, Ultrasonics, leak detection, etc.

Technician,technician in oil and gas refinery industrial in the job record morning data

audits and surveys

Engineering IDS can offer a range of audits and surveys of vessels, mobile offshore units, floating production platforms, and other floating devices comprising suitability surveys, on and off-hire surveys, equipment fit for service audits, condition surveys, vetting, and fleet compliance.

Ships are transporting offshore oil rig for installation sea for repairs, aerial top view.

New-build and Refurbishment Supervision

Engineering IDS has the expertise and personnel to provide on-site teams for construction of new-builds, refurbishment projects, or similar projects.